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How to speak Canadian, eh?

  1. Eh? - an interjection, similar to "you know?" used at the end of the sentence

  2. Toque - winter hat

  3. Pop - refers to a carbonated beverage and also known as soft drink or soda

  4. Zed - refers to letter "z", but our neighbours to the south pronounce it "Zee"

  5. Snowbird - a Canadian that spends the winters in Florida or other parts of the sun belt

  6. Double-double - coffee with two creams and two sugars

  7. Two-four - case of twenty-four beers

  8. Postal code - Canadian version of the US zip code

  9. Mickey - a 375 ml bottle of hard liquor

  10. Loonie, toonie - refers to one dollar and two dollar coins respectively

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